Our Objectives

BCC objectives are:

  • To grow and retain membership across both senior and junior teams.
  • To provide a safe, friendly environment for our members.
  • To provide quality social and cricketing facilities for our members.
  • To provide “value for money” membership
  • To provide clear cricketing pathways and opportunities from junior to senior players as well as local to representative levels including development of players for Gold Coast Dolphins CC.
  • To develop BCC reputation within the local and broader community from both an on-field playing perspective and to be also seen as a respected not for-profit organisation.

Our Core Values

BCC will embrace all of the following values in all its day to day operations:

  • Passion for Cricket
  • Integrity
  • Respect for People and Community
  • Working Together
  • To Inspire and Innovate
  • Will to win

BCC, through its activities, will make a positive contribution to the cricket community. Its operations will enhance the community’s access to cricket participation, facilities and support of cricket. In this way BCC’s strategic direction is in line with the mission statement of Queensland Cricket. 

To professionally develop, administer and promote the game of cricket in Queensland in order to maximize participation, standards, enjoyment, community support and success.’