Season  Grade  Summary  Team Photo
 2013/14  3rd Grade  Versus: Runaway Bay CC
Venue: Mallawa 3
Minor Premiers?Yes. 1st of 12.
Result: Won by 7 wickets.  Runaway Bay 10/114 (Azzopardi  5/16, Miller 2/47) & 4/89 (McLean  2/26) def by Burleigh 8/271cc  (Ross 90, Quirk 50*, Rourke 44,  Burgess 31). Scorecard.
Report: 3rds had a dominant  season dropping only two games. Led by their ingenius skipper Paul Azzapardi the 3rds team concentrated on fun and enjoyment for the season and on the back of that produced a great season highlighted by a famous Semi Final victory against Mudgeeraba against the odds.

 Back row: Tierce Miller, Cameron Rowlands,  Shaun Wilson, Joel Burgess, John White (+), Daniel  Ross, Marcio Dos Santos.
Front row: Michael McLean, Ryan Rourke, Paul  Azzopardi (c), Chris Morffew, Tony Quirk.
 2013/14  Under 17’s  Versus: Palm Beach-Currumbin  CC Gold
Venue:Cheltenham Oval
Minor Premiers?No. 3rd of 12.
Result: Won by 27 runs. Burleigh  10/122 (Waite 49, Schoenmaker  20) def PBC Gold 10/95 (Bouzaid  3/12, Courage 3/27, Jolly 2/15,  Rodgers 2/20). Scorecard.
Report: A number of players from  the victorious 2008/09 Under 12’s  season tasted success again. More  TBA.

 Back row: Mitchell Allen, Kristopher Vincent,  Connor Faulkner, Cameron Waite, Andrew  Houghton, Bede Bouzaid, Jordan Rodgers, Mitchell  Horrocks, Brendan Callaghan (Coach).
Front row: Benjamin Courage, Sean  Callaghan, Nicholas Jolly (c), Jasper Schoenmaker.
 2012/13   Over 40’s
 Versus: Coomera-Hope Island CC  Blue
Venue: John Handley Oval
Minor Premiers?Yes. 1st of 11.
Result: Won on washout.
Report: After finishing minor  premiers in the regular  season, Dougo’s Masters team  were handed, almost  disappointingly (almost being the  key word), their first premiership  due to both the semi and grand  finals washed out. More TBA.

 Back row: Shaun Wilson, Michael Bakker, James  Smith, John Sider, Jason Barns, Craig Clarke, John  White (+), Brendan Callaghan.
Front row: Tony Williams, Les Daley, Sheamus  Braniff, Greg Douglas (c), Steve Miller, Paul  Azzopardi, James Griffin, Warwick Glaves.
Absent: Wes Heritage, Michael McNamara, Reece  Williams (Scorer).
 2011/12  2nd Grade  Versus:Broadbeach-Robina CC
Venue: John Handley Oval
Minor Premiers?Yes. 1st of 13.
Result: Won by 7 wickets.  Broadbeach-Robina 10/97  (Matheson 5/25, Phillips 2/32) def  by Burleigh 3/100 (Thompson  50*,  May 23, Rowlands 21*).  Scorecard.
Report: A stacked 2nd grade side looking to take the championship for promotion into 1st grade did just that. A great side all round that had contributors all over the park at various stages, the final was higlighted by a marathon bowling effort from Dan Matheson taking 5/25 off 26 straight overs.

 Back row: Daniel Ellis, Cameron Rowlands,  Benjamin Fleming, Daniel Matheson, Jacob  McKinnon, Joshua Wyper, Grant Thompson, Steve  Miller (Charimain of Selectors).
Front row: Tierce Miller, Daley Miller, Sheamus  Braniff (President), Wayne Phillips (c), Peter Smith  (Club Coach), Glenn May (+), Michael Pratt.
 2008/09  6th Grade  Versus:Mudgeeraba-Nerang &  Districts CC Blue
Venue: Mallawa 2
Minor Premiers?Technically, yes.  9th of 15 in 5th Grade. Teams 9 to  12 played off for the new 6th  Grade title.
Result: Won by 8 wickets.  Mudgeeraba-Nerang 10/75 (Alroy  6/18) def by Burleigh 2/77.  Scorecard.
Report: Tim Alroy picked up Man  of the Match with his 6/18  (including 9 wides). More TBA.

Back row: Scott Sloan, Adam Waller, John Sider,  Sheamus Braniff (President), Daniel Marzella, Tony  Quirk, Thomas Marzella (c), Timothy Alroy.
Front row: Nash Core, Wayne Russell, Christoper  Nelson-Williams, Oliver Dirie, Tony Waller (c),  Reece Williams.
Absent: Paul Marzella, Joshua Wyper, James  Bolin, Ray Davies.
 2008/09  Under 12’s  Versus: Southport-Labrador CC
Venue: Burleigh Heads State  School
Minor Premiers? Yes. 1st of 13.
Result: Won by 4 wickets.  Southport-Labrador 10/116  (Lancaster 2/8, Varley 2/9) def by  Burleigh 6/117 (Rodgers 35).  Scorecard.
Report: TBA.

 Back row: Stuart McLintock (Coach), William  Buchanan, Liam Larkin, Sheamus Braniff  (President), Brayden Creagh, Des Rodgers  (Coach).
Middle row: Jordan Rodgers, Liam Varley,  Cameron Waite, Nicholas Jolly, Curtis Glover, Dylan  Lancaster.
Front row: Aidan Pangrazio, Joshua Mavin, Sam  McLintock.
Absent: Warren Mavin (Coach).